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6 Best Doctors – Part 2

I continue to explore the 6 Best Doctors (see Part 1).


There is a big boom in the workout and exercise industry now – everyone wants to be fit and trim. Many of them fall into extremes – not only the fitness but also yoga!!! Yoga for weight loss, yoga for perfect butt, yoga for runners…

Many recommended fitness programs have a tendency to push hard and exhaust the body leading to spending energy as opposed to generating or cultivating energy. Not everyone can or should undertake such exercise.

Each one of us should search for the type of physical activity that will help us to create balance and health in our body – not the vanity approach of having a ‘perfect body’ (what is that anyway?) or a six pack (which might be neither possible for you nor healthy). The attitude you approach your body with is very important too; accepting where you are at the moment and working towards your goals with kindness towards your body. That means listening and being open to changing your routines and perceptions.

Hours spend at the gym or even yoga studio might not be of benefit to your health and well-being if you’re stressing about it. There are now studies that show that long cardio workouts put a lot of stress on the body and might actually compromise the immune system and that’s never good. Check out Mark’s Daily Apple for the Primal approach to exercise and nutrition.

Balance is the key ingredient. Finding something that is doable in terms of time and ability and something that you enjoy doing is key to keeping it up.

Benefits of exercise

  • Prevents diabetes
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens bones and bone mass
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves depression
  • Increases self-esteem


Do not follow the generic food guide. I know, many people would think that following Canada Food Guide is the best you can do for your health. I disagree. Even though it’s been modified to increase the emphasis on vegetables and reduce the grain products, you cannot advocate the same diet for everyone. I won’t go into the details of the food guide as I’m not a fan of it and don’t want to spend the time to know it thoroughly.

My take is – listen to your body. See how you feel after eating various foods prepared in different ways (you might feel fine eating an apple and then super sluggish after an apple pie). Fresh or lightly cooked veggies vs deep fried veggies or vegetable chips. If you ignore the feedback your body gives you, you will continue feeding it foods that may cause imbalance and lead to disease.

Quantity and quality also matter. I could devour pretty much anything in my twenties but not so much now. Your body and its needs and capacity changes not only with age but also with your life circumstances – where you live, what kind of work you do, how much stress you’re experiencing, how much you sleep, rest and so on.

I like the idea of  6 Best Doctors, it’s a simple way to keep or create balance and wellness in your life.

How do you keep doctors away? What’s your favourite fun exercise that keeps you health? Do you follow the food guide? Does it work for you?

Share your ideas in the comments below.



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