Bowen Therapy session

Why You Should Seriously Try Bowen Therapy

Disclaimer: I am totally biased towards Bowen Thearpy.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Have you even heard of Bowen Therapy? Most people haven’t. Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique came from an Australian medical intuitive Tom Bowen. He became interested in ways to alleviate human suffering and began to notice that certain moves on the body had particular effects. He developed and refined the hands-on technique which has since helped thousands of people and continues to amaze therapists of all disciplines.

This technique is very gentle and non-invasive and can relieve many acute and chronic conditions. People of all ages and health states respond to Bowen Therapy. Most of all, Bowen seems to sometimes resolve conditions that doctors and other alternative therapists have given up on or can only manage.

Bowen re-sets the body’s structure and energetic system to heal itself. Often profoundly. The healing may occur on different levels – physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetically. People respond to Bowen Therapy in different ways – for some it is very subtle, for others it may be more intense. Bowen session can act as a catalyst for the body to find its own way towards balance and healing.

What is Bowen Therapy good for?

I first tried Bowen Therapy to allow a new practitioner to practice. I was not suffering from any particular condition and in the days following the session I experienced a feeling of well-being that was hard to pinpoint. When I now think about it, it feels that perhaps it was the relaxation and lack of inflammation in the body that was causing this light, spacious and open state of mind and body. Yes, both mind and body respond to Bowen Therapy.

Since then I have benefited from Bowen Therapy to help heal and sleep. To soothe anxiety and to speed up healing of a torn meniscus in my knee. To ease the pain of a migraine and menstrual cramps.

About Bowen session

Bowen Therapy session can last anywhere from 20-90 minutes depending on the issue at hand and the response of the person receiving the therapy. It is generally done on a massage table starting lying down on the belly and then on the back. But there are also procedures that are done in a seated position or even standing up. It’s amazingly flexible and forgiving. It can’t hurt you and there is a high possibility of healing.

After the session you are asked to drink lots of water, to walk and to allow things to change according to the needs of your body. Not massaging or rubbing whatever the part of the body is hurting or twitching etc. Just letting it be and heal or change. Our bodies are in constant flux and we can help to restore the balance by just allowing the healing to happen without interfering. Just observing as neutrally as possible.

Bowen Therapy helps to relax

I have mentioned the effect Bowen Therapy has on the mind as well as on the body. The moves done on the lower and upper back at the beginning of a session trigger the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the mode of the nervous system that is opposite to fight or flight state (sympathetic) that makes us tense and ready for action. The fight or flight uses all the body resources to fight or to run from danger. It is a useful mechanism but we tend to be in this state most of the time. In order to heal our mind and body we need the state of deep relaxation and calm and Bowen happens to help us with flowing into that state fairly quickly and easily.

So, whether you are suffering from the stress of daily life, a sports injury or a chronic condition I encourage you to give Bowen Therapy a try. You know what to do. Google is your friend. 🙂

Have you tried Bowen Therapy? If you have, please share your experience in the comments.

I cannot end this post without a relaxed cat pic… and by the way, animals respond to Bowen wonderfully. There are Bowen practitioners who specialize in treating horses and dogs etc.

relaxed cat


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