hanging hearts

What is the best one thing you can do to be well?

You might have the best intentions to make lifestyle changes and life just takes over with work, appointments and general exhaustion…

No time to work out? No time for planning a healthy meal? Well, there is something pretty easy you can do to improve your health!

A friend of mine shared a YouTube video by DocMikeEvans on her Facebook page. This video inspired me to write this post.

Helpful for Various Health Problems

In the video Doc Mike talks about a ‘medicine’ that was found very effective in a variety of health issues such as depression, arthritis, diabetes and others. Many of these conditions or ailments overlap in a person’s life and often something that started purely as a physical condition may start affecting our mental health and overall quality of life. This ‘one for all’ medicine is effective all across the board.

So, what is it? Walking!

Quality of Life

One of the findings in the report Doc Mike talks about is the spike in quality of life as perceived by the participants. I know this from my own experience; when I am doing my exercise – whether it’s walking to work, jogging at lunch time or going to a yoga class – my attitude and outlook on life is so much more positive! Exercise gets those juices flowing… the hormones, digestive fluids, sweat and other loveliness. I just feel better physically and this in turn makes me feel happier.

Exercise as ‘Medicine’

That’s it – it’s exercise that Doc Mike is talking about. What’s the dose? This medicine is unique – the more the better! With moderation of course; you don’t want to get obsessed with exercising… The best ROI is for people who go from doing nothing to doing something, even if very little. These people will see the benefits very quickly.

Just one hour a week of activity can reduce the risk of heart disease by half!!! that’s huge. And you don’t have to do it all at once – walk for 10 min here and 10 min there and – ta-dah!!! Awesome!

So, skip that car ride to the corner store, get off the bus two stops sooner and take the stairs. Go for a walk at lunch; find a yoga studio near work and take lunch yoga class. Aaaaahhh, relax and breath deeper. Feel better, feel happier.

Low Fitness = 😦

Exercise = 🙂

Enough talking… a picture is worth a thousand words… For your education and pleasure, here is the  23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? video:


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