The Name Game

Now the first hurdle is over – choosing the name/url for the blog. My first idea was taken, and so was the second, third and so on… This made me think a little harder and even check the dictionary (oh my!). After a bit of a debate between ‘domain’ and ‘realm’ (the latter felt a bit too royal (?)… I settled on ‘Wellness Domain‘. I like.

domain [dəˈmeɪn] n

– out of the many definitions I particularly liked 3. a field or scope of knowledge or activity and 7. (Mathematics) Maths b.  any open set containing at least one point

I was intrigued by the last definition 4. Physics A region in a ferromagnetic substance in which the substance is magnetized with the same polarization throughout. But promptly glazed over the meaning of ‘ferromagnetic‘…


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